Amberscope browser compatibility

AmberScope will work in the latest versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and others

Internet Explorer users

We are aware that many corporate users exclusively use Internet Explorer due to company IT policies.

Internet Explorer 10 or later

We find that AmberScope is compatible with Internet Explorer 10 or later versions, such as IE11. It also works with Microsoft Edge.

Older versions of IE

AmberScope may not work on older versions of Internet Explorer, as these are not compatible with the HTML5 standard that AmberScope is based on. We suggest instead that if you have sufficient IT rights, download and use an alternative browser, such as Google Chrome. Chrome is now more much popular than Internet Explorer.

If this is against corporate IT policy, some of our clients were able to build a business case based on the value of AmberScope to quickly find relevant patents in a patent search, or perhaps to buy a dedicated computer. Computers can be relative inexpensive, and the value of the information gained from AmberScope in a significant legal matter may easily justify this cost.