Family Cluster Searching

Save time and money while instantly finding similar patents missed by others. Or objectively assess your patent portfolio.


Prior Art Searching


Instant patent landscaping

Portfolio Benchmarking

  • Start with a patent number or a list of known prior art patents. Get a ranked list of highly similar patents - including similar patents missed by others. 
  • Find very similar patents and their owners, for a patent or group of patents you wish to commercialise. Use our "Licensing Potential" metric to prioritize opportunities and patent owners.
  • Start with even a small list of the known patents in the area, and quickly build a landscape from there
  • Separate the gems from the junk. Rank and understand a portfolio of patents.

Video introduction to Family Cluster Searching


What is Family Cluster Searching?

Cluster Searching is built on the analytic principles of AmberScope, only our platform does the work for you - and you can start with one or a group of patents.

  • Simply input a starting list of known patents. You can use from 1 up to 100 starting patents in a single query
  • Queries can be date filtered to before or after a nominated date
  • In less than a second you will see a ranked list of highly similar patents, arranged in families, that may be missed by conventional keyword, patent code or citation searching.
  • These will include both known and unknown citations ('unknown' citations are new results missed by patent offices and applicants).
  • Patent numbers are hyperlinked to further details to enable rapid review.
  • Results can be copied, sorted, filtered, manually reordered, deleted, edited, or downloaded into Excel.
  • Licensing Potential values are listed for all 'licensing searches' (for patents filed after a nominated date), and can be used to rank the patents and companies you find.

Your Benefits

  • Gain new insights not available elsewhere. Ideal as a second opinion to your existing search processes.
  • Avoid the need to spend valuable time trying to guess the best keywords or class codes, only to find that despite your best efforts that you have still missed important keywords or codes.
  • Save hours of searching and thousands of dollars by simply reviewing what may be highly relevant patents in our suggested ranking order - and thereby avoid the need to review what can be hundreds or thousands of irrelevant patents collected using more traditional and less patent searching methods.
  • Avoid the need for outsourcing of patent searching.
  • Because this is so fast,  you can quickly vary or add to your list of starting patents, allowing an iterative search
  • 100% confidential. Only you will see your work. Ambercite will not in any way save either your query or the results, meaning that it will never discovered on our servers. 


Family Cluster Searching is available via:

  • Online access via a corporate subscription
  • An API to integrate with your own platform.
  • "Smart-data", the provision of bulk similarity and patent quality data for those who want a fully closed analytics system.

Family Cluster Searching is attracting the attention of some of the world's leading patent offices and companies, including organisations looking to boost their own sophisticated analysis systems.

Are you ready to transform your own searching processes? Check out the video below,  read more here, or contact us to request a live demonstration followed by a free trial.


 I was able to uncover significantly more patents that were relevant to my topic, ... much more quickly than when compared to a text based site. I found the graphical representation very intuitive and easy to use. It also opened up relevant areas that I would not have otherwise considered.

Mechanical Engineering Consultant, Planet Innovation.

 I was looking for a prior art patent to invalidate a granted patent that was blocking a client’s product coming to market. I had tried a conventional patent search, and even a conventional citation search, but without luck. So I ran the search in AmberScope – and by exploring the visual links was able to find a prior art patent that essentially discloses the blocking patent. My client is now in a much better position to bring a product to market. Once again, AmberScope has found prior art missed by other searching techniques.

Gennaro Simonetta – Patent attorney, IP consultant and former patent examiner – Griffith Hack

 I recently used Ambercite for a novelty search and got a knock-out hit in less than half an hour. Even though, we generally use other platforms for searches I have to admit once you use Ambercite, you can't go back to anything else. Keep up the good work!

Andy.M., Australian Patent Attorney

 "I represent [X] in their case against [Y]. I was thoroughly impressed by your analysis of the [Y] patents.

Andy.M., James Maune, US Patent Attorney at Orrick