Network Patent Analysis

Network Patent Analysis (NPA™) is the process of building vast networks of patents that show the areas of technology focus within these networks.

Patents are joined using citation linkages. NPA™ patent landscape maps and the resulting data in spreadsheet form can be used to:

  • highlight leading patents and patent clusters in the technology area
  • highlight leading patent owners and inventors, and how their patents are connected
  • show technology trends and technology directions
  • predict patent infringement
  • identify potential prior art
  • identify solutions from other fields than can be applied in new applications, thereby acting as a type of invention machine.

NPA™ patent analysis is unique in its ability to both rank and group patents during patent landscaping, and can provide a positive indication of white space in your area of technology.

NPA™ patent analysis is a premium service and available on per-project pricing. Compared to other available patent landscaping services, NPA is unusually precise in its application and avoids the significant inaccuracies of relying on keywords and class codes. Please contact us for a no-obligation discussion about any projects you may be interested in.

Examples of commercial and marketing NPA projects


Figure: Detail of an NPA™ patent landscape map, showing the leading patents in an important technology cluster

 I was able to find a patent I had not seen before, even after 20 years in the technical area.

Patent Attorney, International Steel Producer

 My role is directly analyzing patents including claims, infringement and prior art. AmberScope appears exceptional for identifying prior art from anything else I’ve seen.

Paul Morinville, CEO at OrgStructure US