Game-changing tools for patent searching and landscaping

Ambercite can help you quickly find patents and commercial opportunities, in many cases missed by others,  with the following tools and services.


AmberScope is our interactive and intuitive patent search web app that allows you to explore the patent literature as never before.

"I can not appreciate how much work and time this program has saved us"

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Cluster Searching

Find highly relevant prior art or follow on patents in seconds, using nothing more than the patent numbers you already know.

Avoid the risky assumptions that weaken traditional searching

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Network Patent Analysis

With Network Patent Analysis™ (NPA™) we build vast citation networks,  and then group and rank patents and portfolios - providing you with unique insight.

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 Bloody brilliant … using Amberscope … I found prior art we should definitely be aware of. And yes it was missed by the Australian and US examiner even though it is by the same applicant … this tool will potentially be the centre piece tool for every patent search and every examiner.

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