NPA project examples


Client projects for NPA™ have included patent landscaping projects in the areas of:

  • Medical devices (multiple studies)
  • Food processing (multiple studies)
  • Mineral processing (multiple studies)
  • Genomics
  • ICT (multiple studies)
  • Mechanical engineering (multiple studies)
  • Chemical engineering
  • Biofuels


Marketing and validation studies have been done in the areas of:

  • fracking (hydraulic fracturing)
  • Alzheimer's treatments
  • smartphones
  • stem cells
  • hybrid cars
  • steelmaking.

All but the last of these projects have been published.

View our White papers for these project outcomes.

The breadth of clients have confirmed that NPA™ patent analysis is technology neutral. 

Ambercite works closely with clients to define the technology issues in any area and draws upon the expertise of highly skilled search professionals for each project. At Ambercite we have developed a unique and automated process to apply the collective wisdom of applicants and examiners to identify the starting population of any study. This delivers results that are more robust than conventional keyword or patent class searches by themselves.

Clients have the option of calling upon the assistance of the broad range of patent attorneys employed by leading Australian patent attorney firm Griffith Hack to assist in the interpretation of NPA™ results.

For further information about Network Patent Analysis projects, please contact us.

 I was able to find a patent I had not seen before, even after 20 years in the technical area.

Patent Attorney, International Steel Producer