Why choose Ambercite

Interested in searching patents, reviewing your patent portfolio, finding licensing targets or patent mapping?

There are a number of products and firms out there that also offer patent searching and analytics.

So why should you choose Ambercite products or services?

We don't treat all patents and patent links as the same, saving you time and money

We identify what are likely to be the most similar and most important patents close to the patents that you are interested in, using advanced methods based on our unique algorithms. This saves you time and money otherwise lost on reading low value patent documents.  With rankings and visual clues we suggest which patents deserve the most attention. This reduces the risk of missing key patents.

Intuitive and interactive graphics

We provide intuitive and, in the case of AmberScope, interactive graphics. This helps make patent searching more interesting! Visuals, rather than log lists of data, are more intuitive to many people and can improve your patent searching productivity. It is thought that our brains can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

Objective and statistically robust

All our products rely on objective and automated algorithms analyzing what can be hundreds of thousands of data points for one similarity assessment. Even better, our algorithms rely on millions of independent examiner or applicant decisions, removing the need for classification systems or subject matter text analysis. Better and more comprehensive data means better outcomes.

Group patents into clusters based on inventive concepts

Our patent landscaping service Network Patent Analysis™ (NPA™) self organises patents into clusters based on inventive concepts. It draws upon the collective wisdom of all applicants and examiners in the area rather than what can be outdated patent classification systems.

Unlike patent classification codes, NPA™ clusters keep up with advances in technology. NPA™ clusters are also much more precise, yet more inclusive than other forms of clustering patents, such as keyword clustering. This ensures that your patent mapping results reflect current technology trends, not a technology landscape that existed twenty years ago. It also picks up important technological nuances.

A systematic means of identifying white spaces

NPA™ provides a systematic means of identifying white spaces — and even the patents in them. Rather than guessing, NPA tells you.

Our products are complementary to your other patent search or analysis tools

By focusing on being the best citation based patent insight provider, our products are designed to complement your existing search processes, and so provide a second and what may be unique opinion.