Other publications

Besides our regularly updated blog, selected publications and conference presentations referring to NPA include:

14) Lloyd, M, Mokdsi, M, and Spielthenner, D.J.F; ‘Clearing the fog: patenting trends for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, Pharmaceutical Patent Analyst, September 2012, Vol. 1, No. 4, Pages 437–455.

13) Lloyd, M, Spielthenner, D.J.F and Mokdsi, G.; ‘Use of Network Patent Analyisis for Advanced Analysis of Patent Data’. Patent Statistics, Innovation management and IPR, Paris, June 2012.

12) Lloyd, M, Spielthenner, D.J.F and Mokdsi; ‘Use of Network Patent Analyisis for Advanced Analysis of Patent Data’. Patent Information Users Group (PIUG) Conference 2012, Denver, Colarado, April 2012.

11) Lloyd, M, and Spielthenner, D.J.F; Using a Network Approach to Valuing Patents and Inventions, BVR Resources, April 2012,

10) Lloyd, M. and and Spielthenner, D.J.F; ‘Valuing Patents and Inventions: A Network Approach’; IP Management and Valuation 1(2) February 2012.; Discusses the role of NPA in patent valuation, including defining the difference between ‘Invention Quality’ and ‘Legal Quality’

9) Lloyd, M. and and Spielthenner, D.J.F; ‘Use of Network Patent Analytics in technology landscape searching’; European Asia Patent Information Conference, Singapore, October 2010.

8) Lloyd, M.; ‘Patent Mapping Case Study – Use of Patent Mapping to Show Technology Trends in the Hybrid Car Industry’; Chemeca 2010 Conference, Adelaide, September 2010.

7) Lloyd, M. and and Spielthenner, D.J.F; ‘Other peoples’ patents: Using information for innovation’; Dynamic Business, September 2010.

Application of NPA to small business.

6) Lloyd, M. and and Spielthenner, D.J.F; ‘Network Patent Analytics to support IP strategy’; Intellectual Property Magazine, August 2010.

An overview of NPA and its application in IP strategy is presented.

5) Lloyd, M. and Wulff, R.; ‘So tell me again — how much is my IP worth? Systematic approaches to valuing the IP of technology companies’; Ecoinvestor May 2010.

The role of NPA when valuing technology companies is considered.

4) Lloyd, M.; ‘Intellectual Property Strategies in Clean Technology: Insights from the Hybrid Car Sector’, Pacific Rim Innovation Conference, Melbourne, January 2010.

A presentation discussing some of the findings in the Griffith Hack hybrid car white paper.

3) Lloyd, M. and Mokdsi, G.; ’Using patent knowledge to help develop new materials’; Materials Australia January 2010.

An early overview of the application of NPA.

2) Lloyd, M and Blows, J.; ‘Who holds the power? Lessons from hybrid car innovation for clean technologies’; Griffith Hack White Paper October 2009

NPA is used to show the dominant patents in the hybrid car sector and show the surprising dominance of patents owned the little known Paice Corporation, a dominance which has been confirmed by sucessful litigation by Paice.

1) Konski, A.F. and Spielthenner, D.J.F.; ‘Stem cell patents: a landscape analysis’; Nature Biotechnology 27(8) August 2009.

NPA is used to show trends in stem cell patent filings, and how these were influenced by changes in US Federal funding for stem cell research introduced by President Bush in 2001.