Getting started with NPA

Ambercite can provide specialist consulting services that will lead to the production of one or more NPA™ patent landscape maps, and supporting data in spreadsheet form.

Ambercite and its Australian partner Griffith Hack will work closely with you to understand your business needs, and propose a project plan that will meet these needs. Once the project plan is confirmed, Ambercite or Griffith Hack will continue to work with you through the life of the project to fine tune the output, and to suggest improvements.

Project process

Each project process starts with a meeting (either in person, webinar or teleconference) to determine your objectives.

After this a formal proposal is prepared for your review, which include the recommended steps to meet your objectives.

Once the scope and details of the project are confirmed by the client, the project formally commences.

Each project then typically takes about two weeks after this stage (although the actual time to deliver a project can depend on the specific details of the project, and Ambercite staff commitments).

 I was able to find a patent I had not seen before, even after 20 years in the technical area.

Patent Attorney, International Steel Producer