Smart data and API

Are you interested in strengthening your existing patent analysis tools?

Patents either directly or indirectly connected by citation links can be very similar to the patents you are interested in invalidating, exploring, licensing or valueing.

However the sheer quantity of known citation links can quickly overwhelm traditional citational analysis. For this reason Ambercite has developed and optimised algorithms to go beyond traditional citation analysis to

  • identify the most similar patents to your patents, both directly or indirectly connected. This can be based on a single (seed) patent of interest, or anything up to 1000 seed patents if you are interested in exploring large portfolos
  • rank any sized portfolio of patent based on the value of their citation connections. 

Results are delivered in seconds and in complete confidence. It is possible to apply simple date filters to limit the results to either prior art or licensing opportuntiies. Seed patents can be weighted to reflect their relative importance.

Our secret sauce

We don’t just list citations, but determine the strength or likely similarity of every citation link in our database. Currently we have 127 million  citation links and update these on a regular basis. These links go to 63 million unique patent records that are particularly strong for US, WO and EP patents, and also very useful for JP, DE, FR and GB patents.

Our means of analysis considers direct and indirect citations to determine two patents’ similarity and we make suggestions which patents are similar, even if the examiner or applicant have not cited the patent.  Risks of missing other important patents due to mistaken assumptions about keywords or patent codes can be reduced, and less time can be required to review the patents identified compared to other, less precise, searching methods.

You can read more about our algorithms here. All of our smart data has been pre-processed to ensure a rapid response to data queries — as proven by how quickly AmberScope is able to receive and display data.

Where does our data come from?

Our data is based on EPO compiled global patent data. Number formats are entirely consistent with other EPO search tools. This data is also hosted by a global leader in data hosting in the US.

Is this for you?

These pre-processed data, data analysis and visualisation tools may be of particular interest to:

  • Patent offices, who are interested in seeing if there are other similar patents to those they have already found
  • Large corporates with sophisticated patent analytics tools
  • Aggregators of patent data
  • Other platforms that may benefit from smart patent data

Data can be supplied in bulk ''smart data' form, as a data feed or iva an API (Application Programming Interface). . Outputs can be fully customised to meet your specific requirements.

Does this work?

Check out our case studies

While these case studies have included additional analysis  by Ambercite, all are built on data directly available via our API and show what is possible in a very small amount of time.

Interested in learning more?

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