The Ambercite story

We founded Ambercite in 2010 to commercialise the ideas of company founder Doris Spielthenner and make patent searching and analytics more accessible and accurate. Doris had a background in the application of advanced social network analytics, and realised that similar principles could be developed and then applied to improve the status quo of patent searching and analysis. Other co-founders brought backgrounds in video gaming (bringing you intuitive interfaces), big data analytics (bringing you far-reaching, real time insights) and patent law and practice. This unique combination of backgrounds ensured that Ambercite had the technical and patent law underpinnings to create a truly innovative product.

And why did we found Ambercite? Traditional patent searching and landscaping is often based on keywords and classification codes. While this approach will often be a good starting point, it can be greatly limited by inconsistencies and imprecision in the choice of the terms used in patent searches. We had first hand experience of the time lost and patents missed due to these limitations - and wanted a better answer.

Our approach instead relies on the collective wisdom of patent professionals. Each patent citation is an expert opinion by a patent professional that two patents are similar regardless of keywords or classifications codes. By applying smart algorithms to the ~150 million patent citations in our database we can leverage off these opinions to help you find the most similar and important patents in your area of interest. This approach can be used as a standalone tool or to extend and strengthen the results of traditional searching.

Initially we focused on patent landscaping using our Network Patent Analysis service, which attracted broad global acclaim, including publication in Nature Biotechnology. Yet, customers asked for an equally powerful application for their day-to-day patent search tasks, which led to the development of the interactive visual patent search engine AmberScope. Embracing further customer feedback along with our own passion for improvements more recently we created Cluster Searching, a patent searching web application which provides you with quick and clever answers. API data products are also available. We are proud to now have expert users all around the world and to be respected for our unique and pioneering approach.

Our users report significant time savings and improvements in the quality of patents found - all which confirm our vision of helping you "Find Better Patents Faster". 

Are you ready to take your patent searching and analytics to the next level?