Our leadership team

Gavan Farley

Chief Executive Officer

Gavn is a general management executive with a wide international experience in a variety of industries from Hotels & Tourism, Engineering and Factory Automation, and Financial Service, and with .
both Australian & USA citizenship. Gavan is an experienced public company director, corporate adviser with particular interest in early stage technology companies. Gavan has been working behind the scenes for some time now with Ambercite, but is now leading Ambercite on its growth path.



Mike Lloyd

Senior Vice-President, Business Development

Mike has a joint role of Senior Vice-President of Business Development for Ambercite, as well as acting as an IP Economic consultant for Griffith Hack. Mike brings extensive knowledge and experience of IP management and more traditional forms of patent analysis to help apply Ambercite analyses for the benefit of clients. Mike has a background and advanced degrees in chemical engineering and IP law, and has studied and worked in New Zealand, Sweden, Finland and Australia. Mike has published in the areas of chemical engineering, patent management, the value of patents and the use of patent data in in a wide range of publications and forums, and presented on patent analysis in conferences in Australia, Singapore, Netherlands, the US and France. Outside of work, Mike loves riding anything on two wheels, when not helping out at a local junior athletics club.


Ben Palmer

Chief Technology Officer

After completing a degree in computer science and a Masters in Artificial Intelligence in England and France, Ben went on to start his own games development company, successfully creating an original franchise, selling over one million units, and employing over 140 staff. Ben and a small team have also built a virtual 'super computer' from a group of Sony PS3 consoles to process large amounts of data for the purpose of spotting and reporting subtle anomalies in the movement of aircraft in real time, beating over thirty solution in military trials. Ben is passionate about growing very hot chili peppers and is always looking for people silly enough to try them.


Gary Johnson

Managing Director, North America

Gary Johnson overseas Ambercite’s North American operations, and business development. Gary brings an uncommon mix of industry experience, sales and marketing savvy, and a deep understanding of patent analytics, to our clients. Gary’s specialty is selling web-based services on an enterprise-wide basis, primarily to R&D and intellectual property experts. He’s worked for companies ranging from global organizations to small private entities.  But, prefers working for with companies primed for expansion and powered by innovation. Gary graduated with a Bachelors Degree from Southern Methodist University, and holds an MBA in Marketing from The George Washington University. Gary keeps work and life in balance by volunteering to direct a local youth basketball club


Frederic Herrmann

Sales Manager Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Europe

Based in Stuttgart, Germany Frederic has the role of Sales Manager in DACH and Europe. Before joining Ambercite he was leading a multicultural, technical sales team, in a very proactive, high-energy sales environment. He brings a deep knowledge in sales to various industries. Frederic has worked for different companies of all sizes in Germany, Ireland and Australia. In his spare time he has an interest in the financial markets and the psychology behind it.


Doris Spielthenner


Doris developed NPA™ patent analysis after recognizing the potential to identify key patents and companies through a systematic analysis of their citation linkages. Doris first got interested in network analysis shortly after completing her Master degrees in communications and international business. Doris has since worked in data analytics for a range of business sectors including the pharmaceutical, financial services, law enforcement, and government in Europe, the United States and Australia, and has published in a number of business journals. Doris was a founding partner of FAS.research Austria and its US subsidiary before joining PricewaterhouseCoopers where she advised on Customer Analytics. Besides working with all types of data, she even invented the concept for a reality TV series based on social networks which has been shown in Germany and Austria.